Onderzoekspresentatie [The Brain]

Onderzoekspresentatie [The Brain]

Frascati Producties / Orion Maxted

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Bring your smartphone, fully charged.

A school of fish, a flock of birds or a colony of ants: these are all examples of decentralised, self­-organising systems that function as a distributed collective intelligence. For obvious reasons, researchers in the field of artificial intelligence are now interested in abstracting these principles of swarm intelligence into human technologies.

[THE BRAIN] is an ever­-evolving laboratory for collective intelligence — but this time made with people. [THE BRAIN] reimagines performance as a space to experiment in the production of collective ideas. During this OpenLab, we invite you to join our research find out what it’s like to be part of a collective brain: a self-­organising, complex system. Through your smartphone, you’ll be connected with the rest of the audience to create a collective intelligence - or what we call an artificial-artificial-intelligence (AAI). Through real-time feedback loops between participants, this network produces questions, answers, social scenarios, and predictions - that no individual could have thought of. The collective brain that emerges becomes the subject of, the main character, as well as content generator - of a performance - well a series of performances that will be different each OpenLab session.

Orion Maxted and [THE BRAIN] invite you to take part in these OpenLab sessions. 

production Frascati Producties technical artists Fabian Hijlkema & Sebastian Kox / oneseconds coordinator Shea Elmore sparring partner Julian Hetzel part of IDFA DocLAb Spotlight 2018


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