Tjeerd Posthuma



Tjeerd Posthuma (1991) writes and adapts in theatre, television, prose and film. His language is clear – almost dry – but the way he draws his characters is full of psychological detail. He is able to build tension with great pace and effectiveness, exposing friction through what is not said.
Posthuma started writing at the age of sixteen, on Sesamstraat (Dutch Sesame Street), studied Theatre Science at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and worked as a dramaturge for Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam. His works for theatre include The very tired girl, Wat er voorafging aan… Hamlet, Prins van Denemarken and the youth production (winner of the VSCD Gouden Krekel award) Princess (14+).
At Frascati Producties (with ITA), Posthuma wrote De Blauwe Akker (2018), a dialogue for suicides fuelled by emotion and angst: how to end your life in such a way that it still has worth? And how contagious is the wish to die? He is currently working on Lurk moar!, a monologue for an angry young man that explores the boundaries of language and decency. The text was performed in March 2019 as part of Fraslab, directed by Charli Chung.
At Frascati, as part of Frascati Issues #De (on)vertelde stad, Posthuma (with Iskra Vuksic) developed the research lab Metroïsme about the rituals surrounding and a new faith we can draw on from the history of the Amsterdam Noord-Zuidlijn (north-south railway development). In 2016, Posthuma’s debut novel Stad van Goud was published by Thomas Rap. He has also published in the magazines, De Internet Gids, Hollands Maandblad and he has a column in Theatermaker magazine.
Frascati Producties has set up a cooperation for young writers, in cooperation with ITA. During the 2018-2019 season, Frascati are taking the following under their wing: Esther Duysker, Sytske van Koeveringe, Randa Peters and Tjeerd Posthuma. Michaël Bijnens and Jibbe Willems are working with ITA. A joint masterclass by an internationally renowned playwright is organised at least once a year. To date, several public lectures have been held in Frascati, and work by the authors participating in this process will be presented to the public during Holland Festival 2019.