How did I die

How did I die

Frascati Producties / Davy Pieters



Reconstruction of a murder
In How Did I Die, time cannot be trusted: neither the period from the discovery of the body to a possible conclusion, nor the possible final hours of the deceased. Nothing is certain. Time and truth are manipulated, conspiracy theories revised. The truth is a complex puzzle in which our fantasies can be gruesomely real or unreal. Just one murder has taken place, but there are countless paths that could have led to it. Does the reconstruction bring us closer to the truth, or does it push us further away? How Did I Die is a realistically fictional, cinematic, physical production. Particularly suitable for those who love a good thriller.
'How Did I Die has the form of a physical whodunnit, but the other way around: as it goes along, the audience doesn’t find out more about the crime, but less.' (Davy Pieters in NRC, 30 October 2014)
‘Her previous work The Truth About Kate was a hit in the small auditorium, and now lightning has struck again' - Theaterkrant (*****)
'This production plays with the most essential laws of theatre in an oppressive way: it is simultaneously real and not real, true and not true' -  NRC (****) 
'How Did I Die constantly wrong-foots us in a witty, inventive way' - de Volkskrant (****)
script, direction & set design Davy Pieters performance Klára Alexová, Indra Cauwels, Joey Schrauwen sound design Jimi Zoet lighting design and technical support Bob Ages coaching Marc Linssen, Jetse Batelaan, Loes van der Pligt photography Roy Soetekouw scene photography Anna van Kooij thanks to Hans Pelt (senior forensic detective with the Amsterdam police, department of forensic detection and visualisation) Prof Dr. Maurice Aalders (Forensic research lab Fortechs / Biomedical Engineering and Physics AMC)
Dr. G.N.G. Vanderveen (university lecturer at the Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology, Leiden University and independent researcher in the field of images and audio-visual technology in the criminal law chain)


For Frascati Productions, Davy Pieters (1988) has created the study What Remains (2012), about the consequences of the Japanese Tsunami, and the hilarious, horrific fairy tale An Elephant (2012). Davy then presented the highly praised monologue The Truth About Kate (2014), selected for the Dutch Theatre Festival and Circuit X in Flanders and which brought her a nomination for the BNG Bank New Theatre-makers’ Award. 
'A thousand times better than an evening in front of the television' **** het  Parool on The Truth About Kate


Teaser How did I die
70 minuten