Florian Myjer



Performer Florian Myjer (the Netherlands, 1992) is a unique voice in the performance landscape. In his work, imagination is king; non-conformity and the search for identity are central. Using rich language and strong imagery, he tests the value of intimacy and connection. Losing himself in impossible desires, fantasising about a glorious world-that-could-be, Myjer builds refined palaces of mirrors in which civilisation and beauty fight for dominance with harshness and the sludge of the human soul.

Florian Myjer graduated in the summer of 2017 from the performance course at Toneelacademie Maastricht with Bloomsbury, a production he created with Kim Karssen. Voracious and fumbling, they dived into the ideas of the Bloomsbury Group – a colourful collection of artists and thinkers in early 20th-century England. Not with the wish to create a historically accurate documentary production, but as a hyper-personal search for the shelf-life of soft ideals and mild anarchy.

Florian Myjer performed with Frascati Producties even before attending the Toneelacademie, in Piece (2011) directed by Nicole Beutler. During the same period, he was also part of Frascati’s youth panel. In October 2017, he created Oliver for Fraslab: a personal solo performance on fathers and sons and the desire to share in the fate of a world in which civilisation, beauty and tradition are still valued (Theater aan Zee/ De Grote Post Residentieprijs award). This was followed in January 2018 by Regina Rex, a personal monument to two royalty watchers who live out their love of all things royal to the full; but above all, a personal story about desire, ambition and outsiders. This production was nominated for the BNG Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs award. Olivier and Regina Rex were both co-produced with De Warme Winkel.

In the coming season, Florian Myjer will continue his work with Frascati Producties with a new production that is to première in May 2019, and for which Myjer will again work with Kim Karssen.


‘Devastatingly beautiful scenes [...] the highlight to date of the ITS Festival.’ – Theaterkrant on Bloomsbury.


Florian Myjer (1992) graduated in the summer of 2017 from the performance course of Toneelacademie Maastricht with Bloomsbury, which he made with Kim Karssen. Prior to this, he studied Cultural Sciences at the universities of Amsterdam and Sussex. During his studies, he created among other productions the intimate solo piece Een hertje, beschadigd and the duet Odetta: Noblesse Oblige (with Marieke de Zwaan) and worked with De Warme Winkel on De meest zwaarmoedige voorstelling ooit (waarvan het hele publiek moet huilen) and The Dreaming. After graduation, he performed with Toneelgroep Oostpool in Allemaal Mensen (2018) and worked on the production Gesualdo (Holland Festival 2018) with De Warme Winkel. For Frascati Producties, Florian Myjer created the solo Olivier (2017, TAZ/ De Grote Post Residentieprijs) and Regina Rex (2018, nominated for the BNG BankTheaterprijs award), both co-productions with De Warme Winkel. His latest work for Frascati Producties will premiere in May 2019.



  • Oorlog en Vrede (Frascati Producties, 2019)
  • Regina Rex (Frascati Producties & De Warme Winkel 2018)
  • Oliver (i.h.k.v. Fraslab, Frascati Producties & De Warme Winkel 2017)
  • Bloomsbury (Met Kim Karssen, afstudeervoorstelling Toneelacademie Maastricht 2017)
  • The Dreaming (De Warme Winkel, 2017)
  • Odetta: Noblesse Oblige (met Marieke de Zwaan, Toneelacademie Maastricht, 2016)
  • De meest zwaarmoedige voorstelling ooit (waarvan het hele publiek moet huilen) (De Warme Winkel, 2016)
  • Een hertje, beschadigd (Toneelacademie Maastricht, 2015)
  • Franz Kafka is a twink (Toneelacademie Maastricht, 2014)

Awards and nominations

  • Nomination BNG Theaterprijs 2018 for Regina Rex
  • Grote Post Residentieprijs 2018 for Olivier

​Photo: Bas de Brouwer