All Inclusive

All Inclusive

Julian Hetzel (DE / NL) / CAMPO in coproductie met Frascati Producties

English spoken



All Inclusive is a performance about the aestheticization of violence. Julian Hetzel examines the paradoxical principle of “creation through destruction” and explores the explosive force of image wars.

While the destruction of monuments and iconic images, as we know from Iraq and Syria, have become tools of strategic warfare, the museum became an extension of the battlefield. Here the aestheticization of violence is made visible and turned into products. What if the souvenirs are actually trophies?

All Inclusive juxtaposes art and war, tourists and refugees, reality and imagination in a journey through a temporary exhibition space. The audience is invited to watch a visit through a museum where reality strikes back.

director Julian Hetzel performers Kristien de Proost, Edoardo Ripani, Geert Belpaeme & local extras dramaturgy Miguel Angel Melgares artistic advice Sodja Lotker produced by CAMPO in collaboration with Ism & Heit
coproduced by Frascati Productions, Schauspiel Leipzig & Münchner Kammerspiele. 


Trailer All Inclusive from Julian Hetzel on Vimeo.




Julian Hetzel studied visual communication at the Bauhaus University Weimar, then relocated to Amsterdam to continue his education on the master’s course of the AHK DasArts. During these studies, he stood out with hotly debated performances such as PrENTER (2008), which was shown at the ARS Electronica festival 2008 in Linz, and The Benefactor (2011). In 2016 he set up Ism & Heit as a structure for the development of his artistic work, from a base in Utrecht. For Frascati Producties, he created an adaptation of his graduation show I’m Not Here, Says The Void and in 2017 The Automated Sniper. Hetzel is now also a frequently seen guest at international festivals. From 2018, he has been an associated artist with the CAMPO arts centre in Ghent. Julian Hetzel is also the founder and drummer of the band Pentatones.


  •  All Inclusive (Campo & Frascati Producties, 2018)
  •  The Automated Sniper (Frascati Producties and Ism & Heit, 2017)
  •  Schuldfabrik (Steirischer Herbst Graz and Ism & Heit, 2016)
  •  Sculpting Fear (SPRING Utrecht, 2015)
  •  STILL – The Economy of Waiting (SPRING Utrecht, 2014)
  •  I’m Not Here Says the Void (Frascati Producties & DasArts, 2013)
  •  The Benefactor (DasArts, 2011)


120 minutes