Talent of the future

Alongside a performance venue attracting broad interest, Frascati is the biggest internationally operating production house in the Netherlands, providing support to theatre-makers both from the Netherlands and abroad. Frascati makers defy categorisation, working in a diverse range of disciplines and seeking out cross-overs between these: they go their own way, blazing new trails into the future. Their work emerges from the rapidly changing urban environment and is often socially committed with a ‘documentary’ approach. From text-based theatre to performance, dance and mime. From the big stage to theatre on location and smaller-scale solos.

Frascati Producties helped launch theatre-makers who have gone on to receive high praise such as Marcus Azzini, Jetse Batelaan, Maren E. Bjørseth, Andrea Bozic, Daria Bukvic, Ivo Dimchev, Jefta van Dinther, Laura van Dolron, Pere Faura, Marjolijn van Heemstra, Julian Hetzel, Florentina Holzinger, Susanne Kennedy, Sadettin Kırmızıyüz, Lucas De Man, Jan Martens, Hannah De Meyer, Ivana Muller, Davy Pieters, andcompany&Co., Julie Van den Berghe, Michele Rizzo, Joachim Robbrecht, Sabri Saad el Hamus and Naomi Velissariou.

During the 2019-2020 season, works we produced included the latest from Charli Chung, Jouman Fattal, Marijn Graven, Jan Hulst & Kasper Tarenskeen, Yinka Kuitenbrouwer, Stephen Liebman, Cherish Menzo, Florian Myjer, Anoek Nuyens, La Isla Bonita and Priscilla Vaudelle. As part of our regular cooperation with Amsterdam Cultural Centres, we also support the work of Abdelkarim el Baz and Perry Gits.

We provided support to dramatic writers Esther Duysker, Sytske van Koeveringe, Randa Peters and Bart van den Donker. In addition, makers including Alexandra Broeder, Elike Roovers & Rutger Esajas, Hanna Timmers, Timo Tembuyser & Naomi Steijger, Fatima Elatik & Hassnae Bouazza and Zola Can worked on Frascati’s programme series De (on)vertelde Stad (the (un)told city). 

The Makers

  • afbeelding van Cherish Menzo
    Cherish Menzo
  • La Isla Bonita
  • afbeelding van Floor Houwink ten Cate
    Floor Houwink ten Cate
  • afbeelding van Caro Derkx
    Caro Derkx
  • afbeelding van Priscilla Vaudelle
    Priscilla Vaudelle
  • afbeelding van Anoek Nuyens
    Anoek Nuyens
    De (on)vertelde stad
  • afbeelding van Anoek Nuyens & Rebekka de Wit
    Anoek Nuyens & Rebekka de Wit
  • afbeelding van Char Li Chung
    Char Li Chung
  • afbeelding van Esther Duysker
    Esther Duysker
  • afbeelding van Florian Myjer
    Florian Myjer
  • afbeelding van Gavin-Viano
  • Hanna Timmers
  • afbeelding van Jan Hulst & Kasper Tarenskeen
    Jan Hulst & Kasper Tarenskeen
  • afbeelding van Maria Magdalena Kozłowska
    Maria Magdalena Kozłowska
  • Naomi Steijger en Timo Tembuyser
    De (on)vertelde stad